New Artistic European Collaboration announced by Intercult

Intercult just announced  new artistic European collaboration called Woven Network/Women's network.

It is a 6 months long collaboration between Ukraine, England, Scotland, Poland and Sweden, which will explore and revaluate the use of digital tools, materials, and the practice of distance collaboration, through the creative work of female artists.

Woven Network will gather stories of women on the front-line of the Covid-19 pandemic. 7 different artists from Sweden, Ukraine, Poland and Scotland will collaborate on art works visualising the vulnerable situation of women to be shared both locally and via digital channels. The project aims to shift traditional artistic cooperation from the physical into the digital space and experiment in virtual collaboration formats.

Collaborating artists: Maria Pronina (Ukraine), Alisa Oleva (UK), Olia Fedorova  (Ukraine), Oksana Kazmina (Ukraine), Alice Maselnikova  (Sweden), t s Beall (Scotland), Iwona Zając (Poland)

For more in depth details follow the website of Woven Art.