Memory of Water, 2018 -2020, across Europe

Europe’s shipbuilding, textile and other manufacturing industries have declined ovver the past decades. Abandoned industrial spaces and folk memories are important tangible and intangible heritage in the context of our common histories. The question “what next?” is being explored by artists across Europe engaging with local residents of diverse cultures, politicians and planners, to question policy and generate debate. 
Memory of Water – spanning Belgium, Greece, Ireland, Poland, Scotland, Sweden and cyberspace – explores through artistic action and interaction: “what’s next for Europe’s post-industrial waterfront heritage zones?”
Can we learn from partner cities that are successfully delivering liveable communities who are respecting ecosystems, heritage, and memories, as well as boosting the local economy? Can artists transform the narrative for those cities still grappling with questions of land ownership, contested space, homogenisation and gentrification?
More information soon.

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